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At Edgbaston Kindergarten, we have achieved an Ofsted 'Good' rating for every category, and we are working towards achieving 'Outstanding' in our next inspection.
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Ofsted Inspection Report

In our most recent (2014)  Ofsted report we were awarded ‘Good’ ratings for every category. We only missed the ‘Outstanding’ rating because “There is room to strengthen older children's access to freely available art and craft materials to further enhance their expressive art and design skills and to further enhance resources in the home corner to maintain their interests.” This has since been addressed and access to a wider range of creative resources has been organised so, hopefully, we will achieve “Outstanding” at our next Ofsted Inspection. The inspector had this to say about the children’s experience at Edgbaston Kindergarten:-

“Children enjoy their time at this welcoming nursery and they make good progress in their learning and development. The quality of teaching and learning is good because practitioners have a good understanding of how children learn and give them opportunities to make choices and direct their own play….. 

Children develop their skills in mathematics and think critically, as practitioners extend activities to help them to explore mathematical concepts and language in their play. This helps children to consolidate their learning and to investigate further as they talk about numbers, shapes, size and patterns. Younger children like using blocks to build towers and enjoy singing number songs. Children choose freely from a range of easily accessible resources and older children use a variety of Montessori equipment to complete practical life activities. This means that children are able to learn through their senses and develop independence. 

Practitioners are good role models and they speak calmly to children and give them frequent praise and reassurance. This helps to boost their confidence and selfesteem. They work well with the children to effectively help them to understand about the rules for being together, using good manners, sharing and taking turns… Practitioners foster children's communication and language skills successfully. Practitioners working with babies and younger children constantly talk to them as they play. They focus on simple words and objects to help promote communication skills and build their vocabulary. Many opportunities are provided for children to develop good listening skills. Older children are supported well to develop their knowledge of letters and sounds and they practise their writing skills. This helps to foster their literacy skills.  

Children are making good progress in their physical development. All children benefit from good opportunities to play outdoors in the garden area where they can ride bicycles, play in sand and water, find their way around the maze and climb up into the tree house. Babies and younger children have their own space outdoors, which fosters their confidence and well-being. Older children delight in being able to splash in puddles on a rainy day and reach out from their covered play space to feel the water trickle onto their hands. Babies and younger children have plenty of space indoors to move around freely and safely. They explore their environment with great confidence and curiosity as they examine a range of natural resources in their treasure baskets. Children learn about the world around them and explore the local area. They enjoy visits to the local reservoir and parks to feed the ducks. Children develop an understanding about a wider society through discussions and activities, which introduces them to a range of festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Practitioners recognise the uniqueness of each child. The enthusiastic and caring team ensure children's needs are well met.”  

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