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At Edgbaston Kindergarten in Birmingham, we make use of the Montessori method to help your child learn, and have fun in all of the EYFS subjects.
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The Montessori ethos

Maria Montessori developed a method of nursery education in Italy, which has spread across the globe. She discovered that learning begins at birth and accelerates during the first five or six years. She believed that children have natural times for certain learning, and that if those times are recognised, and the children are given the opportunity to develop them, they will make huge leaps in ability in a short time.

We have all seen children obsessively carrying out the same activity over and over again, whether doing a jigsaw, laying out a tea set, or putting an object in and out of a box. When they have learned everything there is to learn about the activity they abandon it completely. Traditional teaching methods emphasise how short an attention span pre-school children have, but parents know that when a child is interested in what he or she is doing, they have a very long attention span.

The secret of the Montessori method is to identify what stage each individual child has reached and introduce activities to suit that stage. It gives children the opportunity to discover the environment at their own individual pace. In each Montessori activity the steps are so carefully graded and done in such small increments that they lead, in a very short time, from the very simple to what, to many people, seem extremely complex concepts for children. It is by no means unusual for a four-year-old child in a Montessori nursery to be learning to read books, competent at addition and subtraction, as well as being able to dress and undress herself, prepare a snack and wash her plate and cup up afterwards.
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Our Curriculum

Communication, language and literacy

The ability to communicate well can make a huge difference to a young child’s behaviour. A wide vocabulary at an early age can also speed up the learning process in all areas but particularly in reading. We place great emphasis on developing language skills from an early age to ensure that our pupils reach their full potential in this area. In the development of literacy, we gradually introduce children to letter sounds, emphasising the phonic method. We hope to instil a love of books at an early age.

Expressive arts and design; physical; personal social and emotional development

We set great store by developing the children’s imagination and creativity, so we plan daily creative or imaginative play activities. Play is an important part of a child's development and all of our rooms are equipped so that imaginative and social play can take place in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. There is a large fully enclosed garden for outdoor play and exploration. As well as a large patio and grassed area we have an adventure playground with a tree house and climbing frame for the older children.


We can give your child a good grounding in traditional maths. Using tried and tested Montessori methods; we ensure that basic concepts of number, shape and colour are firmly grasped before moving on to more complex concepts.

Understanding the world

We believe that a good general understanding of the way in which the world works is vital to a well-rounded education. We cover a wide range of science subjects including nature study and the man-made environment. We also study geography, history, and different cultures. We have an outdoor classroom in which the children grow fruit vegetables and herbs as part of their healthy lifestyle education.
Choose the qualified and friendly team at Edgbaston Kindergarten in Birmingham to give your child the right start in education by using the Montessori method. Call us now on
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